s Unavailable (Resolved)

Customers were unable to log in for about two hours.

February 9th 2017

6:23 PM (PST) – Our webpage and mobile apps are currently unavailable; you won't be able to log into your Simple account. Card transactions, deposits, and scheduled payments are not affected—they'll go through normally. Our team is investigating and we'll update here as we make progress.

7:46 PM (PST) – We're pinpointing the source of the loading problems, and we're working to fix it as soon as possible.

8:33 PM (PST) – Our webpage and mobile apps are returning to normal; many customers have been able to log in successfully. Our team is still working to verify that everything is resolved; we'll update here with the final all clear.

11:24 PM (PST) – Our team has verified the source of the problem has been fully resolved, and that our webpage and mobile apps are working normally for all customers.

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