Web Log-in Unavailable (Resolved)

Our website was offline for several hours due to an outage with our web provider.

October 21st 2016

9:13 AM (PST) – Our web log-in page isn't loading, and attempts to sign in are not going through. Our team is investigating, and we’ll update here as we learn more. Our mobile apps are still working as normal, so please use them (if that's an option for you) or call us at 888-248-0632 with any questions. Thanks for your patience!

2:53 PM (PST) – On Friday at around 9am PT, Simple’s web service provider experienced an outage that resulted in intermittent loading problems for Simple.com, our web and mobile apps, and this status page.

Our team has moved over to a new web service provider to resolve these issues, and functionality has been restored for most customers. Because the root cause lies with our web service provider, not Simple, access depends on your internet and your location: it may take several hours for everything to return to normal, or everything may work normally for you now. All banking functionality, like card purchases and previously-scheduled payments and transfers, are not affected—everything works just fine.

If you have questions, please give us a call at 1-888-248-0632. We’re here to help.

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