Card Maintenance, Simple Instant, and Activity Feed Delays (Resolved)

A small number of customers were temporarily unable to block, unblock, or activate their cards, or use Simple Instant.

August 9th 2016

10:53 AM (PST) – A small number of customers have reported issues with Block Card, Card Activation, Apple Pay verification, and Simple Instant, in addition to Activity Feed and Balance Update delays. We are investigating and will share an update here as soon as we know more.

If you have immediate questions or need support, please send us a message or give us a call at 888-248-0632.

1:17 PM (PST) – We’ve identified why these features are unavailable for a small number of customers, and our team is working to resolve it. As always, give us a call at 888-248-0632 if you have questions.

5:04 PM (PST) – Block Card and Card Activation are working normally, though a small number of customers continue to report issues with Simple Instant. We’ll continue to share updates here until the incident is resolved.

6:30 PM (PST) – Simple Instant is available again, as normal. Thanks for your patience!

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