Safe-to-Spend (Resolved)

Safe-to-Spend was unavailable for a small number of customers. In addition, a small number of check holds that were set to expire had persisted on customer accounts.

February 4th 2015

6:06 AM (PST) – We are investigating reports of Safe-to-Spend not loading for a small number of customers. We will provide an update once we have more information.

6:46 AM (PST) – Engineers have been able to isolate the problem and are working on a solution. Customers may experience difficulty loading their Activity and Payments & Transfers pages. Additionally a small number of customers may experience trouble with check deposits.

7:17 AM (PST) – Engineers have implemented a fix and the Activity and Payments & Transfers pages are loading as usual.

A small number of check holds that were due to expire this morning are persisting on customer accounts. Engineers are working to remove them. If your account is affected, please contact support for assistance.

9:10 AM (PST) – Engineers have resolved the incident and check holds are releasing as scheduled.

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