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It’s taking longer than usual to reach us
November 15th 2017

9:03 AM (PST) – Nov. 18: We're getting less phone contact right now, so you should be able to reach us within minutes if you give us a call. It's still taking us a little longer than usual to reply to support messages, so please call if you'd like help with something time-sensitive.

8:46 AM (PST) – Nov. 17: We’re getting more calls again today; if you give us a call, you may have to wait on hold for a few minutes before reaching us. We’re sorry for the delay, and our team is diligently working to get back to you soon. Thanks!

2:23 PM (PST) – Nov. 16: We're starting to get back to normal for phone support; if you give us a ring, we should be able to pick up within a few minutes. It's still taking longer than usual for us to reply to support messages; if you send one, we'll write back as soon as we can. Thanks for hanging in there, and we're looking forward to talking with you soon!

10:39 AM (PST) – Nov. 15: We're getting a lot of contact right now, so it may take longer than usual to reach us on the phone or through support messages. If you need to reach us quickly, please give us a call and stay on the line—we'll pick up as soon as we can. If it's not urgent, please send us a support message. We're working to get back to you soon, and we'll update here as we make progress. Thanks for your patience!

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