Web app and mobile applications down for scheduled maintenence

Our web, and mobile applications are currently offline for scheduled maintenance. Card swipes and ATM withdrawals will not be affected during this period. Please contact our Customer Relations team with any questions or concerns (^dan).

Update (3:30 PST): Maintenance is taking longer than we originally anticipated. Thank you for your patience! (^dan)

Update (4:30 PST): Our engineers identified an issue that prevented us from completing our maintenance and have decided to reschedule for another night. We’ve restored access to our web and mobile applications. Again, thank you very much for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience. (^dan)

Instant and Payments Unavailable

Instant and Payments are presently unavailable. We are working with our partners to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Card swipes and ATM withdrawals are not affected. Please contact our Customer Relations team with any questions or concerns (^jake).

Update (12:13 PST): The issue has been resolved. Instant and Payments should now be fully functional. We appreciate your patience.

Support closing early due to weather

Due to inclement weather, Simple’s support will be closing at 5pm Pacific today. We’ll be back answering support messages and phone calls at 7am Pacific tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, send us a message or leave us a voicemail. As always, someone is on call 24/7 for emergencies.

Thanks so much for your understanding! As always, you can continue to check status.simple.com for updates. You can also take a look at isitsnowinginpdx.com or search #pdxtst on Twitter to watch the Rose City panic about our #snowpocalypse.

Payment name issue

Our engineers are investigating an issue where some customer’s payment names are displaying incorrectly. The affected payments were sent to their intended recipient with the correct name on the check. (^cameron 0929 PST)

3:15PM PST: We have resolved this issue and payments’ names are now displaying correctly. Thanks! (^will)

Intermittent failure loading transactions

14:03 PM PST: We’re investigating an issue that is causing web and mobile transactions to fail to load in the Activity view. Card swipes, ATM withdrawals, and other financial operations are not affected.

15:34 PM PST: Our engineers have located the source of the issue and are working on a fix. Thank you for your patience! (^dan)

17:24 PM PST: We’ve resolved the underlying issue and the Activity view is now loading. Transactions that have happened since this issue began should show up over the next couple hours. Thanks! (^dan)

Login temporarily unavailable

An internal systems error prevented logins to the web and mobile applications from 00:30 to 01:00 PT this morning. Our engineers have resolved the underlying issue and service is restored. We’ll continue to monitor the underlying systems and prevent further disruption. Thanks! (^will)

Delays in Goal contributions

1230 PT: We’re debugging an issue that prevented Goal contributions from running over the weekend. Financial operations including deposits, payments, and swipes are not affected. We’ll update here periodically while we investigate. Please contact our Customer Relations team if you have any questions. Thanks! (^will)

1400 PT: We identified the bug and deployed a fix; Goal contributions are running normally now. All other services are operating as expected. Thanks for your patience! (^will)