Scheduled maintenance

11:15 PM PDT 8/6 Scheduled maintenance is complete and all customer cards should be functional now. Detailed timeline below.

10:48 PM PDT We’ve begun upgrading our systems. In order to to complete all scheduled maintenance, we will be taking some of our services down for a few hours.

Please see below for a breakdown of features and functionality during this time.

  • Customers’ Simple Visa® Cards will not function on August 6th from 2:00 – 9:00 am EDT (11:00 pm – 6:00 am PDT).
  • During the above hours, External Accounts and Instant features will also be disabled. Scheduled transfers will be processed, but customers will be unable to create new transfers.
  • Payments will be disabled from 3:00 am EDT on August 5th (12:00 am PDT) until 9:00 am EDT (6:00 am PDT) August 6th. Payments scheduled to be sent on these dates will be processed normally, but customers will be unable to schedule new payments or edit existing payments.

We will continue to provide updates on our progress here.

23:59 AM PDT We continue to upgrade our systems and are currently on target with our maintenance schedule.

00:48 AM PDT Our engineering team’s work on scheduled maintenance is on track.

01:41 AM PDT Our systems upgrades are on schedule and work is proceeding according to plan.

02:47 AM PDT We’re continuing to upgrade our systems as planned and have begun testing some new services.

03:56 AM PDT We are testing our new services throughout the early morning hours as our engineering team continues their work on the upgrades.

05:02 AM PDT Our engineering team is continuing work this morning on the planned upgrades. We will continue to update here throughout the scheduled downtime.

05:57 AM PDT Our updates to card activity have been completed. Card transactions can now be completed successfully.

External accounts, payments, and Instant transfers are still undergoing maintenance and are unavailable at this time.

07:08 AM PDT We continue to update our infrastructure. During this time, some customers may experience card declines. External Accounts, Payments, and Instant remain disabled. Please send a support message if you have any questions. We will share an update once we have the all clear.

10:30 AM PDT Our operations team is investigating intermittent issues with our mobile API and web application. We’ll update here as we make progress.

10:45 AM PDT We’ve nearly completed our scheduled maintenance, but a small number of customers will be unable to use their cards until the process is complete at 10:00 pm PDT tonight, Wednesday, August 6th.

Payments are now available and our engineering team continues their work to bring External Accounts and Instant back online. Our operations team is also investigating intermittent failures to load our mobile and web applications. Follow along here for updates.

11:00 AM PDT We have identified and resolved the cause of the intermittent issues loading our web and mobile applications. Instant is now available and our engineers continue to work to enable External Accounts.

11:30 AM PDT Our engineers continue to work on External Accounts. All deposits have been received and processed as normal but will not be visible in Activity until External Accounts is back online.

1:15 PM PDT We have restored the External Accounts service. We continue to work on issues related to the maintenance, but core functionality is restored for most customers. We’ll continue updating as we make progress on the remaining issues.

7:24 PM PDT We experienced a short frontend service outage but have fully recovered. Engineers are still investigating the root cause but believe this to be unrelated to the scheduled maintenance.

10:20 PM PDT We are seeing successful swipes for a many of the affected customers and are running maintenance on the remaining accounts. We expect the remaining affected accounts to be coming online gradually over the course of the night.

11:15 PM PDT We’ve completed running maintenance on affected accounts. All customers whose cards were seeing declines should be functional now.