Monthly Archives: July 2012

Onboarding Delays

We’re currently looking into an issue which is causing onboarding delays for new customers. If you’d like to know when signups are fixed, send an email to with the subject “Signup Help” and we’ll notify you when everything’s up and running!


6:00 PM PDT: We no longer observe delays in the onboarding process, so we’ve re-enabled it. Please contact if you run into trouble when you claim your invitation. Thanks!

Signup delays.

We are looking into an issue that is causing slowness in our onboarding process that can lead to errors. If the error rate continues to increase, we will temporarily disable our signup process while we work to resolve the root cause of this issue. Invites will continue to be valid and any in progress applications will be processed as normal. We’re excited about getting you on board as soon as possible and we apologize for this inconvenience. If you’re not sure if your application was processed correctly, please be sure to reach out to our Customer Relations team. (Brian – 2:53 PT)


Swipes and transactions back online

Our transaction processor experienced an outage from approximately 4:30PM PDT to 7:30PM PDT today. As of 7:30PM, card swipes and ATM transactions have been verified to work. Please contact or use our web or mobile apps to get in touch if you still have problems. We apologize for the outage and are working to prevent further failures. Thanks again!

Swipes being declined

7:25 PM PDT: The transaction processor has identified the issue and believes that they have resolved it. Our test transactions are succeeding, and we also believe the problem has been resolved. Please contact or get in touch with us through the website or mobile app if you still see problems. We apologize for the outage and will follow up with our partners to make sure this problem doesn’t impact your experience again. Thanks!

6:40 PM PDT: Our transaction processor has confirmed that they’re experiencing an outage. They’re working diligently to restore service, and we’ll continue to provide updates here as we get more information.

As of approximately 4:30 PM PDT today, Simple card swipes are being declined. We’re working with our transaction partner to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We’ll update here as we learn more about the issue. Thanks for your patience!