Monthly Archives: February 2012

Outage resolved.

Our vendor resolved the technical failure on their side and we have not seen any issues in the past 30 minutes. All of our card and transaction tests have been successful. We’re comfortable stating that this outage is now resolved. We will work with our vendor to understand the root cause and partner with them in an attempt to prevent future outages of this type. Thanks for your patience. (Brian – 8:11am PT)

Update on outage.

Transaction updates are once again flowing and the bill payment service should be functioning properly. We’ll continue to monitor this issue with our vendor and continue testing to ensure that all Simple services are operating normally. (Brian Merritt – 7:30am PT)

Outage in progress.

Good morning folks. We are currently dealing with an outage with one of our providers that has prevented us from being able to update transaction information in real time. In addition, the bill payment service is down, so adding new contacts or sending new payments is not possible at this time. We first saw this issue appear at 5:30am PT, however it has been somewhat intermittent over the last hour. We are working with our vendor to resolve this as quickly as possible. In addition, we’re testing card swipes and card PIN transactions to ensure that card activities are not impacted. We’ll report more here as soon as we learn anything. (Brian Merritt – 6:41am)