Monthly Archives: January 2012

All issues resolved.

After extensive testing we’re ready to call this issue resolved. We have seen many successful transactions and have not seen any unusual transaction declines or account issues for several hours. Thank you for your patience today as we worked through this issue — it was a frustrating day for us. This was our first significant outage and the first time that card transactions were interrupted for all of our customers. While we would have preferred for this to never happen, we learned a lot from this experience and will be working internally and with our partners to ensure that we turn this into an opportunity to improve our systems and approach wherever possible. Thanks for hanging in there with us. (Brian Merritt – 7:10pm PT) 

Transactions are flowing.

We are seeing signature and PIN transactions flowing successfully at this time. We’re continuing to do more testing to ensure that this issue is fully resolved and will update as possible. (Brian Merritt – 5:11pm PT)

All transactions being declined.

Currently, all attempted transactions with Simple cards and/or account numbers are being declined. We are continuing to pursue this issue with all of our resources and will update again as possible. (Brian Merritt – 4:19pm PT)

Update on declines and card swipes.

We wanted to provide another update while we continue to work on this issue. To clarify our earlier update on signature (credit) transactions, we want to point out that it’s possible that you will not be able to see the signature transactions in the mobile or web app, even though they go through at the merchant. The transaction data is not lost, however updates to the transaction history may be delayed. Meanwhile PIN transactions continue to fail. We’ll update again as possible.  (Brian Merritt – 4:03pm PT)

Update on declines.

Credit swipe transactions are once again working. PIN transactions and ATM transactions are still failing. We are actively working on this issue with our partner and will continue to update as possible. (Brian Merritt – 1:48pm PT). 

Card swipes being declined.

We are working on an issue with our card processing partner that is causing card swipes to be declined. Our systems are 100% available and you can continue to log in via the mobile app or the web, but you may not be able to swipe your card or make online purchases until this issue is resolved. We will update here as possible.