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Ongoing account issues following maintenance

We’ve received reports that a small number of customers may be experiencing the following issues stemming from our recent scheduled downtime. We’ll continue updating below as we make progress. If you need support with something urgent that’s not listed here, please send our customer relations team a support message. Thank you!

Updated 2014-10-16:

Scheduled Activities

  • If a payment is scheduled more than 30 days in advance, it will be processed normally, but it will not be displayed within ‘Scheduled Activities’. These payments will not be visible within your account until they’re processed. If you’d like to check the status of a specific payment, please send us a message or give us a call at 888-248-0632.

Transaction and Balance

  • We have observed that some signature returns are not posting correctly to customer’s accounts. Engineers are investigating this issue.
  • Some transactions are not displaying on the Activity list. These transactions were processed normally and they are reflected in customer balances. We are working to display them to customers. This may cause Reports and transaction exports to display incorrect balances.


  • August and September statements have been temporarily delayed. We’re working to make them available soon. If you need a statement urgently, please give us a call at 888-248-0632


  • We have paused new customer applications since the conversion while we focus on the remaining issues affecting existing customers. This ensures that we can focus our time dealing with ongoing concerns and once ready, provide new customers with a smooth onboarding experience.
  • Customers with applications in process are unable to sign in.

Resolved Issues

Updated 2014-10-16

  • We successfully resolved a display issue that some customers were observing, where the ‘Scheduled Activities’ section of the balance breakdown was displaying an erroneously high sum.
  • Some customers approved while our onboarding service was disabled were able to sign in to Simple, but unable to activate their cards. We have resolved this issue by sending these customers new cards that may be activated and used normally.
  • Engineers have resolved an issue where the Safe-to-Spend balance temporarily displayed a higher amount than a customer had available in their account. This occurred when a settled charge was not deducted from the Safe-to-Spend until another transaction occurred.
  • We have resolved an issue with scheduling payments that was causing the scheduled arrival date to shift one day forward.
  • Check hold issues have been resolved, and check funds are being released on the normal schedule. However, when a check hold is released, your displayed balance may not appear to increase until another transaction is made. We’re looking into improving this user experience.
  • We resolved an issue that was causing PIN transactions to be delayed.

Update 2014-9-04

  • We continue working to correct balance display issues.

Update 2014-8-28:

  • We have removed any transactions in your Activity that were displayed more than once, in error. Only the original transaction is now displayed.

Update 2014-8-25:

  • We have successfully processed the delayed transactions that were authorized prior to the 6th. If any of your transactions were affected, they are now displaying properly on your transaction list with the date the transaction was authorized.
  • We continue to work on payment display issues. We’ve observed that some payments disappear from the ‘Scheduled Activities’ section of the app during processing. They will reappear in the ‘Activities’ section when they are completely processed, which may take several hours.
  • We’re investigating card declines due to balance discrepancies caused by duplicated or delayed transactions. If your card is unexpectedly declined, please send us a message through your account so we can investigate. If your situation is urgent, please give us a call at 1-888-248-0632.

Update 2014-8-22:

  • We have applied a fix for the payment processing issues that we were experiencing, and payments will be sent successfully. Some payments that were previously sent electronically will temporarily be sent as a paper check.
  • We continue to investigate payment display issues.

Update 2014-8-21:

  • We continue to work to address issues with payment processing and display. We recommend making important, time-sensitive payments with your Simple card or via auto-debit with your account and routing number.

Update 2014-08-20:

  • We’re investigating issues with Square Cash deposits. If you’re expecting a credit via Square Cash and it is displaying improperly or it seems to be delayed, please contact our customer relations team by sending a message through your account.

Update 2014-08-19:

  • Our team is working to address issues with payment processing and display. Known issues include the fact that Payments scheduled to be sent more than 30 days in the future may not be displayed. Please monitor your payments, and if you see anything that concerns you, contact our customer relations team by sending a message through your account.
  • We continue to work on processing delayed transactions that were authorized prior to August 6th, and on improving the way duplicated transactions and their reversals are displayed.

Update 2014-08-15:

  • Many of the erroneously duplicated transactions have been reversed, and we’re working to reverse those that remain. In some cases, the duplicated debit may not be displayed, but the reversal credit is. This is a display error that we’re working to resolve.
  • Some transactions that occurred on August 6th were subject to a delay in processing. These charges are being processed now. The pending pre-authorizations for these charges may have fallen off, so the completed charge will have a different date than the original card swipe.

Update 2014-08-14:

  • Check holds: We’ve observed issues with the way check holds are displayed. When a check hold expires, the pending hold will disappear and the funds from the check will become available, but your balance may not appear to increase. Swiping your card will cause your balance to update and display the check funds.
  • Duplicated transactions: New transactions will not be duplicated. We continue to work to remove previously duplicated transactions from accounts.
  • Fluctuating balances and Safe-to-Spend : The situation is stable since the previous update.

Update 2014-08-13:

  • Duplicate transactions: Some customers continue to report duplicate transactions. We’re working to remove these from accounts.
  • Fluctuating balances and Safe-to-Spend: Following the last week’s scheduled downtime, some transactions were subject to a delay in processing. We’re processing these transactions now, and as they appear, balances and Safe-to-Spend will adjust to reflect these transactions.

Update 2014-08-11:

  • Duplicated Transactions: Your balance is not affected by this display error and duplicated debits have been automatically reversed. Our team processed two sets of transaction data for some purchases during last week’s scheduled downtime, causing some transactions to display twice. We’ve identified the source of the duplicate data and applied a fix, so future transactions should come through normally.
  • Holds and Available Balance: Pending transactions that were processed shortly before or after our maintenance window may be taking longer than usual to clear. Remember, Pending transactions are automatically deducted from your Safe-to-Spend. This issue will resolve itself as transactions clear.
  • Payment Goals: Some Payments may have been dissociated with their respective Goals and deducted from your Safe-to-Spend. To troubleshoot, delete and reschedule the payment. Or you can transfer funds from the associated Goal back to your Safe-to-Spend.

Database Maintenance

We are performing maintenance on our Simple Instant database and some related accounting services. This work will cause Simple Instant to be unavailable. Transaction processing will be unaffected but there may be delays in displaying your activity. We will provide an update when this maintenance has been completed.

4:15 PM PT: All maintenance has been completed. Thank you!

Intermittent web access issues

Our monitoring system alerted our engineers to issues affecting the Simple web application. The mobile applications and financial operations are unaffected. We’ll update here as we make progress. Thank you!

5:20 PM PT: Engineers have worked around the underlying issue, reducing the access issues in the web application. We continue to work to fully resolve the underlying problem.

5:30 PM PT: We have resolved the underlying issues and observe no further problems with the web application. Thank you for your patience!

Intermittent disruption to web, mobile

Our monitoring alerted engineers to intermittent failure to load our web or mobile applications. Financial operations are unaffected, so swipes can be performed as usual. We’re investigating now and will update here as we make progress. Thank you!

UPDATED 13:42 PDT: Engineers continue to investigate and debug underlying issues. Web and mobile services can be expected to function intermittently.

UPDATED 14:10 PDT: Engineers are bringing services back online and will continue monitoring the situation to ensure full recovery.

UPDATED 14:50 PDT: Engineers continue to bring services back online and are working to assess any potential ongoing impact of the disruption.

UPDATED 14:57 PDT: While investigating, engineers found an issue wherein settlements do not correctly update customers’ balances. They are currently working to resolve the situation.

UPDATED 15:39 PDT: Engineers have resolved the issue with settlements and are now working to ensure that all transaction data that was processed during the disruption is accurate.

UPDATED 16:02 PDT: All services are functioning normally and any residual impact has been addressed and resolved.

Database Maintenance

We are performing maintenance on our accounting database and related services. This work will cause a delay in transactions appearing in Activity. We will provide an update when this maintenance has been completed.

UPDATED 03:28 AM PDT: Engineers have completed their maintenance on these services. Transactions performed during the maintenance window will begin showing up in Activity throughout the day.

Service Maintenance

We are performing maintenance on our accounting database and related services. This will cause a delay in transactions appearing in Activity. We will provide an update once this maintenance has been completed.

UPDATED 03:42 AM PDT: Engineers are continuing their work on services.

UPDATED 04:07 AM PDT: Engineers have completed the first two portions of maintenance. They are proceeding with their work on related services. We will provide our next update in one hour or when we have new information to report.

UPDATED 04:27 AM PDT: Engineers have completed their work on all services.

Passphrase reset interruption

We are investigating problems with passphrase reset emails not being delivered to customers. We’ll update here as we make progress.

UPDATE: 08:32 PDT Engineers are still investigating issues with email delivery for passphrase reset requests.

UPDATE: 09:24 PDT Engineers have found the issue with delivering passphrase reset requests. Requests that were queued up are now being processed.

Service maintenance

15:41 PDT: Our payments service has returned. The maintenance is now complete. We appreciate your patience (^JD)!

15:24 PDT: Push notifications should now be functional again. Our payments maintenance continues. We will update here shortly (^JD).

15:15 PDT: Password reset functionality has now returned. Maintenance on push notifications and payments continues. We will update as these services return (^JD).

15:05 PDT: We are performing a maintenance on several services. During this maintenance, customers will not be able to reset their passwords, receive push notifications from Simple, schedule new payments, or create or modify payees. We will provide an update once we have completed this maintenance. Thank you (^JD).