Duplicate ACH Transfers

This morning, we observed that ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers were incorrectly processed, duplicating the previous day’s transactions. At 6:05 am PST, our team began investigating, and at 7:20 am PST, we began reversing the duplicate transactions. This work has been completed. If your account was affected, you will see both the duplicate transaction and reversal in your Activity. Please reach out to our support team by sending a message or calling us at 888-248-0632 if you have any further questions. Thank you!

Push Notification Issues

We are currently experiencing issues delivering push notifications to customers using iOS and some Android devices. We will provide an update as more information becomes available.

UPDATE 11:57 AM PDT: Push notifications are now being delivered.

Database Maintenance

We are performing maintenance on some of our service databases. This work may cause some delays in changes to transaction descriptions in Activity. External Transfers may be temporarily unavailable. Transactions will be unaffected and your card will work as normal. We will provide an update when this maintenance has been completed.

3:30 PM PT: This maintenance has been completed. Thank you!

Delay in Activity

We are investigating issues with transactions showing up in Activity.

We will update here as we make progress.

UPDATED 11:55 PDT: Engineers have determined the cause and are working to correct the affected services.

UPDATED 12:27 PDT: Engineers are continuing their work on the affected services. Only transactions from earlier in the day are affected and will begin appearing shortly.

UPDATED 13:29 PDT: Engineers are still working through the backlog of affected transactions. As this work continues those transactions will being to show up. We will provide an update when this work is completed.

UPDATED 13:56 PDT: Engineers have completed their work to resolve the missing transactions in Activity. We now consider this issue resolved.

Database Maintenance

We are performing maintenance on our Simple Instant database and some related accounting services. This work will cause Simple Instant to be unavailable. Transaction processing will be unaffected but there may be delays in displaying your activity. We will provide an update when this maintenance has been completed.

4:15 PM PT: All maintenance has been completed. Thank you!

Intermittent web access issues

Our monitoring system alerted our engineers to issues affecting the Simple web application. The mobile applications and financial operations are unaffected. We’ll update here as we make progress. Thank you!

5:20 PM PT: Engineers have worked around the underlying issue, reducing the access issues in the web application. We continue to work to fully resolve the underlying problem.

5:30 PM PT: We have resolved the underlying issues and observe no further problems with the web application. Thank you for your patience!

Intermittent disruption to web, mobile

Our monitoring alerted engineers to intermittent failure to load our web or mobile applications. Financial operations are unaffected, so swipes can be performed as usual. We’re investigating now and will update here as we make progress. Thank you!

UPDATED 13:42 PDT: Engineers continue to investigate and debug underlying issues. Web and mobile services can be expected to function intermittently.

UPDATED 14:10 PDT: Engineers are bringing services back online and will continue monitoring the situation to ensure full recovery.

UPDATED 14:50 PDT: Engineers continue to bring services back online and are working to assess any potential ongoing impact of the disruption.

UPDATED 14:57 PDT: While investigating, engineers found an issue wherein settlements do not correctly update customers’ balances. They are currently working to resolve the situation.

UPDATED 15:39 PDT: Engineers have resolved the issue with settlements and are now working to ensure that all transaction data that was processed during the disruption is accurate.

UPDATED 16:02 PDT: All services are functioning normally and any residual impact has been addressed and resolved.